IMN Minting The Silver Daniq (1/6 Dirham) For First Time Ever

Dirham and Daniq of Islamic Mint Nusantara. 240410. What are you waiting for..

With word class dies quality ISLAMIC MINT NUSANTARA present Daniq (1/6 Dirham).

Daniq of Islamic Mint Nusantara (back side). 240410

Daniq of Islamic Mint Nusantara (front side). 240410

Sources:  ISLAMIC MINT NUSANTARA (24 April 2010)

ASSALAMUALAIKUM ALL. Allahukabar, Subhanallah! To Muslim every where in the world, Kiosk Dinarfirst, Paguyuban (guilds), Merchant, Islamic Open Market Bandung and Nusantara, Trader and all dinar-dirham Networks everywhere.


all praise belong to Allah and salam Shalawat to our beloved rasullullah salallahu alaihi wassalam

Islam Hari Ini have a privillage from IMN to introducing the fine quality details, mint mark, sharpness and depth of Daniq (1/6 Dirham), its the first mint of fine quality Daniq in the world that ever produce by Islamic Mint Nusantara for muslim everywhere. so what are you waiting for, leave riba today! insyaallah

DANIQ (1/6 Dirham) of Islamic Mint Nusantara 
Fineness: Fine Silver
Dimension: 13 mm
Weight: 0.4958gram

All the wakalah and all muslim in nusantara and the world, you can start to order now, please contact to:

Pak As’ad Nugroho
Mobile: +6281808872081


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