Dinar Dan Dirham Sampai Di Sumatra Barat

Alhamdulillah its a good news for people in west sumatra and all sumatra, There is a kiosk dinarfirst now in west sumatra  which is happened 2 days before the big earthquake in padang (30/09/09) masyaallah la quwatta ila billah. Gold and Silver have been a tradition among the west sumatra people for a long time a go, because they are still practice it till today, for saving or keeping their wealth in gold coins called the Rupiah Emas, Ringgit Emas and Suku Emas, Alhadmulillah the dinar-dirham can easily recognize by the people here in padang, bukittinggi, payakumbuh and pekanbaru. We’ve rising the banner high there now, to be known and follow by others. hasbunallah wanimal wakil…


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2 thoughts on “Dinar Dan Dirham Sampai Di Sumatra Barat”

  1. Alhamdulillah, Allahu akbar! May Allah bring renewal to the people of West Sumatra with the return of Gold Dinar Silver Dirham, which in turn will restore Zakat and ‘Amr. It would be interesting to know about the traditional evaluation of basic goods, eg. sheep, goat, chicken or cow in terms of Rupiah Emas or Ringgit Emas which, i believe, is still remembered and probably employed, could anyone share information on this?

  2. Yes gold and silver is for everybody, without limitation for this group or that jamaah, please note that the gold coins is still in practice for the people of west sumatra, riau, jambi and aceh. Our people called gold coins for ringgit, rupiah dan suku or in arabic called dinar.

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