IMN Returning The Silver Dirham On For Muslim In Indonesia

*dirham in your hand – the silver-dirham coins is come with package and certificate of authenticity from IMN.

Alhamdulillah the Silver Dirham coins are circulating among muslim now, starting from jakarta and bandung, west-java, central java and other places, Islamic Silver Dirham is minting by Islamic Mint Nusantara, this event is breakthrough and its going to move  forward rapidly, support this collective works of young muslim in Nusantara involving the leader of the jamaah and the muslim communities, insyaallah.

Start to change yourself today, lets do the amal, dont wait for others who is trying  stop or to telling you to wait, take dirham in yourhand today, circulate it, we cant wait no more.  islam today!

Support  IMN  to continuing this works to serving the muslim everywhere. leave the people who likes to spreading slander, backbiting and prejudice. leave something doesnt concern you.

* For those who travel to Allah and do not listen to its conversation or follow its opinion, it is like a strong wind released for sailors. In one hour, it makes them arrive whereas others arrive there after a month or a year. Allah knows best. When someone halts with conversation and opinion, by Allah, he ramains becalmed, at a standstill, as occurs to sailors. Such is its nature. We think that the one who leaves what does not concern him will find that the least of means is enough for him. If he does not leave it, nonthing will be enough for him, no matter what he does


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