Setiap user dinarfirst yang sudah mempunyai account Dinarfirst dapat melakukan pemindahan (transfer) antar account Titipan Dinarfirst , Pengecekan saldo Titipan Dinarfirst, Update Harga harian dinar-dirham (free) melalui handphone ataupun melalui Yahoo! Messenger.

Dinarfirst-mobile exchange system is the first mobile dinar-dirham in Indonesia (Nusantara) and the world. With Dinarfirst you can mobilise your dinar-dirham everywhere through your handphone and Yahoo! Messenger. Dinar-dirham is recognize by muslim for 1400 everywhere for saving, mahar, wealth protection, paying zakat mal, coins collection, free medium of exchange (barter), qirad-syirkah investment.

To open Dinarfist account online please click this link APPLYING DINARFIRST and to follow update-news around dinarfirst see http://www.dinarfirst.org or follow http://www.twitter.com/dinarfirst


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